Clementine OG – Butter Candy – 1 Gram


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I can’t believe it’s not budder!

This proprietary concentrate looks and smells just like taffy, and the flavour is incredible when dabbed! The producer of this new product has kept his recipe a secret, however we know it is a full spectrum, high terpene-enriched budder. It is truly an enigma and unique experience.  The first NEW concentrate that has come to our market since Live Resin. Try it out and see!

Clementine OG is a hybrid cross of the energizing sativa-dominant Clementine strain and OG Kush. This strain is loved for its sweet taste, citrus aroma, and sedative effects. Consumers claim that Clementine OG is perfect for both day and night, and offers a creativity boost in tandem with a deep, physical relaxation.


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