Divine Storm (AAAA+)


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Divine Storm is a new potent Indica-Dominant strain recently released by In House Genetics, and is a cross of Divine Gelato #3 x Slurricane #7. It has a deliciously complex smell ,with alpha-pinene as its leading terpene as well as the “blue” smell that you get in things like Blue Dream also present. A gassy, pungent aroma is released as the bud is broken up, and this is intensified as it is ground up. That being said, you don’t need to break open the Divine Storm buds to sense how amazing this one smells!

Divine Storm delivers a strong and desirable weed taste which is starkly present as soon as it is inhaled. Breathing out the smoke, users will be treated to a very nice tasting bit of bud, dried well and perfectly cured, with a fruity funk and gassy jet fuel flavour that permeates the taste buds.

The effects kick in after a few minutes, leading with body led relaxation (it is listed as a mostly indica variety) and a notable uplift as users begin to feel it working. This strain could make a good analgesic, but consumers may wish to smoke it in the afternoon or the evening, as first thing in the morning may prove quite inebriating.

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