Fat Boy Edibles – 300mg THC Gummies

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Creating a truly Canadian Cannabis brand, Fat Boy Edibles is based in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, and alongside the west coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. Bringing premium potent pieces of delight to our Canadian Canna Community, we are proud and active promoters of mindful cannabis use for a well-rounded lifestyle. Through our simple yet impactful cannabis snacks, we aim to tie creative communities together and get wavy with us.

Fat Boy Edibles are largely scrumptious treats aimed to bring a heavy-duty high. Dosages are potent and carefully measured to satisfy your sweet cravings and THC needs. Cannabis is made convenient and reliable. With a weighty focus on premium THC, these gummies enhance appetite and overall mood and help soothe aches and pains.

    • A pack contains 300mg of THC
    • 6 Cannabis Gummies | 50mg a piece
    • WARNING: For medical use only. Keep out of reach of children
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Available Flavours:

    • Plump Peach
    • Wobbly Watermelon
    • Colossal Cola
    • Biggie Blue Raspberry
    • Gigantic Grape
    • Swollen Strawberry
    • Super Size Sour Key
    • Gooey Gummy Worms

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Plump Peach, Wobbly Watermelon, Colossal Cola, Biggie Blue Raspberry, Gigantic Grape, Swollen Strawberry, Super Size Sour Key, Gooey Gummy Worms

1 review for Fat Boy Edibles – 300mg THC Gummies

  1. warren.liick (verified owner)

    Enjoyable, I expected 50mg to hit harder but this is nice and mellow and long lasting. Works great as an unwind at bedtime.

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