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1g Live Hash Rosin - Hybrid

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Live Hash Rosin:

Live Hash Rosin cannot be extracted from flash-frozen plant matter like Live Resin is, due to the heat and pressure involved in its production . The extra moisture in the plant matter would boil up alongside the cannabinoids and terpenes, ruining the final product. Instead, live rosin producers must take the artisan step of manufacturing full melt bubble hash. Once processed, the bubble hash is then pressed into live hash rosin via a rosin press using low heat and pressure. The final product is even more flavorful and pure than regular rosin, without any loss of terpenes. Because of this purity, live rosin ranges from yellow to off-white as opposed to regular rosin’s amber color.

Pink Beard is a cross between an unknown strain and Pink Kush. Pink Beard’s pungent scent is floral, gassy and well balanced by the underlying skunky notes. The high cerebral at first as a wave of pressure hits behind your eyes and headband area. These effects giveaway to a heavy euphoria and body melting relaxation. This strain would be ideal for consumers seeking relief from chronic pain, insomnia and depression.

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