Straight Goods Disposable Vape – Terp Sauce – Various Strains

1 Gram

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Straight Goods Disposable offers a top-quality smoking experience from one of the best vape pens in the industry. Cannabis consumptions has never been such a pleasant and select experience. Straight out of a sleek-looking vape pen filled with prime-quality cannabis distillate, HTFSE and organic terpenes comes a smooth smoke that fills your lungs with joy and euphoria.

Premium flavour alongside an intense weed fragrance make the Straight Goods Disposable suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re camping out with friends or dining at a high-end restaurant, the versatile nature of this vape pen is unmatched. It looks inconspicuous yet delivers a strong punch to the head. As soon as you take a smoke, the effects will kick in, affecting your brain and body in many ways.


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Alice In Wonderland, Mike Tyson, Yodas Brain


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