Shipping Information

Free shipping on all orders over $200!

Orders are processed and shipped Monday-Friday from Vancouver Island, BC. Our team can complete most within 24 hrs of payment being received. All orders are sent using the Xpress Post shipping method through Canada Post which requires manual tracking numbers. We receive these tracking numbers from CP differently depending on whether your items are being sent in a box or cardboard envelope. These can take a bit longer to receive if your order is in a box, whereas the cardboard envelopes come with a number already assigned to them which we can provide you with as soon as an order has been completed.

You may notice your order still reads as “processing”, this means our team is still working on putting it together, or we have handed it over to CP but are still waiting to receive the confirmed tracking number for the parcel. If you’re worried that order is still being processed or want more information, you can email our customer support agents directly using the email below.

For those who have been unfortunate enough to experience an order lost by Canada Post we thank you again for your patience during the necessary investigatory process. The number of orders sent in replacement of those lost has been increasing steadily. To date, we’ve sadly only received resolution for less than 30% of these. In understanding the seriousness of our members’ needs we’ve taken it upon ourselves to absorb these additional expenses. However, to continue our ability to send replacement orders it has become necessary to update our shipping charges.

Effective Monday March 5th (12:01am PST) our new minimum order amount will be $50 and shipping fees will change to:

Orders totalling between $50-$100 = $20.00 shipping fee
Orders totalling between $100-$200 = $15.00 shipping fee
Orders over $200 still receive FREE SHIPPING

These changes afford our members the ability to place an order with a lower minimum order amount, starting at $50! Please be sure to email our customer service team directly at [email protected]  with any questions you might have regarding this or any other matters.

(NOTE: at rare times things out of our control may happen which can delay deliveries. In these cases we will be sure to be in contact immediately to work on a timely solution!)

Wondering about the status of your current order? Just check out the MY ACCOUNT page, where you will find the status of all of your previous orders made. You can also you find tracking numbers there for any packages out for delivery!