Cannabis Connoisseur’s Choice: Small-Batch Premium Selections

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We put out the word that we were looking to carry the highest quality, best grown cannabis in the world and have it for sale on our website. We have located this artisanal small batch premium quality flower for you and we will be selling it as Connoisseur’s Choice: Small-Batch Premium Selections.


British Columbia has been known for decades as the source of this amazingly high quality cannabis flower. And Vancouver Island has always been known as the location for the best small, boutique craft growers in the world. They say that for the last 50 years, that as you drive North up Hwy 1 from Victoria that every third farmhouse is a cannabis grow. These family operations never have huge warehouses. Just the opposite. 12-18 light impeccably clean and perfect grow rooms and strains that are closely held secrets, with seed stock being passed down from generation to generation.