Death Tuna (AAAA+)


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Death Tuna is a rare and potent Indica cross of Death Bubba x Tuna Kush. This strain is a utopia for lovers of gassy strains that will put even the most experienced smokers into a deep couch locked state. These dense, medium sized nugs show off  dark green and purple hues, with sparse dark hairs and a thick coating of frosty and amber coloured trichomes. This bud is truly some sticky-icky!

The scent of this flower is pungent, sweet, gassy, and skunky, ticking off all of the boxes associated with dank kush strains. This strain burns a clean white ash and builds a thick coating of resin as joints burn down. Be careful not to pack this strain too much when rolling, though, as it tends to grind into a sticky, dense consistency that has potential to clog joints as its resin ring melts into the rest of the unburnt bud. The flavour when smoked closely resembles its dank scent, with the addition of a sweet, bubblegum flavour that comes from its Death Bubba genetics.

The high from this strain is a creeper, starting off with a head buzz that quickly falls into a deep physical sedation. Users may find themselves struggle to leave the couch, so grab your munchies in advance! This strain is a fantastic choice for pain relief, insomnia, lack of appetite, and mental stress or depression.

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