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Firewalker O.G. is a sativa-dominant cross between Skywalker and Fire O.G. that is spicy with hints of flowers and hash. This strain is ideal for daytime use as you will feel full of energy and ready to take on the day. It also has many medicinal qualities, making it potentially beneficial for patients who are suffering from depression, muscle spasms, mood disorders, and anorexia.

*Lab Tested

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Primary Aromas: Cinnamon, Hops, Orange, Chamomile, Pine

Cannabinoid Profile Percent by weight
Δ9 THC (activated) 76.82
Δ8 THC (activated)
THC –Acid (not-activated)
*THC total (THC-Acid+Δ9+Δ8 THC) 76.82
CBD (activated) 0.33
CBD-Acid (not activated)
*CBD total (CBD-Acid+CBD) 0.33
CBG (activated) 1.88
CBG-Acid (not activated)
*CBG total (CBG-Acid+CBG) 1.88
CBDV (activated)
CBDV-Acid (not activated)
*CBDV total (CBDV-Acid + CBDV)
THCV (activated) 0.45
THCV-Acid (not activated)
*THCV total (THCV-Acid + THCV) 0.45
CBN 0.49
CBC 1.05
Total Activated Cannabinoids 81.01
Oval@3x 2

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