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125mg (.125g) (equivalent) Psilocybin Extract Per Dose, 3750mg (3.75g) Per Container (30 Doses)

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Psilocybin Micro Dose Tinctures

Liquid Psilocybin is a brand new concept in the world of micro-dosing. For centuries, people have soaked their mushrooms in tea and consumed the liquid, but not many have successfully extracted the psilocybin from the mushroom, and created a consumable liquid with the extract. This method sets our product apart from the competition. With our product, we eliminate the organic material, leaving you with only the good stuff.


This is why we recommend a 2-3 day cycle of Psilocybin microdose liquid. We recommend dosing yourself three times a week, or every 2-3 days, starting with a microdose (.125g or 125mg).  We also recommend consuming in the morning; that way, the effects will last all day and not interfere with your sleep. The residual effect of the microdose should last into the next day and possibly linger into the third day as well.


Psilocybin – like other psychedelics – tends to build a tolerance. Over time you may notice less effect when taking the same dosage. Eventually, with continued microdosing, you will likely have to up the dosage from a ‘micro’ dose to a ‘low’ dose. We refer to a ‘micro’ dose as a dose of roughly .125g or 125mg of mushrooms – and a ‘low’ dose as a dose of roughly .25g or 250mg of mushrooms. This page is showing our low dose of gummies.

Tolerance buildup varies significantly from one person to another; it is up to you to determine your required dosage level. With multiple strengths to choose from, our products make it easy to decide on and consume the correct dosage required for the microdose effect.

-125mg (.125g) (equivalent) Psilocybin Extract Per Dose, 3750mg (3.75g) Per Container (30 Doses)

-Available in Lemon, Grape and Sour Cherry

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Sour Cherry, Grape, Lemon


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