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Live Hash Rosin – Hybrid



Premium Concentrates by Better Bee (Formerly Known as Beard Brothers)

Papaya Punch is a popped-from-seed cross of Papaya and Purple Punch. This Hybrid strain holds true to its name; with dominant terpenes like linalool and caryophyllene, you will see that it packs a heavy punch! This strain’s tutti frutti and cheesy aroma puts you in a sweet state of paradise, but it’s relaxing physical effect is substantial! Papaya Punch is definitely a strain you will want to have while on vacation!

What is Live Hash Rosin?

Live Hash Rosin is created by pressing Live Bubble Hash, which is a type of hash made using live, uncured flower. Live Hash Rosin has a more buttery consistency than Flower Rosins. Concentrate connoisseurs admire it for its enhanced flavour profile and overall consumption experience.

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