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Pink Beard is an award winning Indica-Dominant cross of an unknown strain and Pink Kush. Pink Beard’s scent is mouthwatering – flaunting dank, floral terpenes as well as loads of sweet, skunky gas. The flavour resembles the nose of this rosin, while also providing a liquorice taste with hints of pepper upon exhaling.

The high from this HTFSE Live Resin is everything you’ll love from a strong indica. It starts with a heady high and strong pressure build up, followed a deep body relaxation that is sure to glue even the most experiences to the couch. The pain relief from this strain is amazing, and is also an ideal strain for those looking to treat insomnia, lack of appetite, stress, and depression. Users beware, this strain is not for beginners!

What is HTFSE Live Resin?

HTFSE Live Resin is a particularly high grade quality Live Resin, which is created by distilling live, freshly cropped flower that has not yet been dried or cured. HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract, and has established a considerable amount of fame among concentrate connoisseurs due to its standard terpene concentrations of 13% or greater. HTFSE is guaranteed to pack a punch full of flavour while retaining a high level of cannabinoid potency and overall enjoyable dabbing experience.


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